Big Bear Real Estate Agents Rule in Sacramento

Coming at you guys live from Sacramento! I come to Sacramento once a year with the California Association of Realtors and this year I was invited to sing the National Anthem as well as perform with the official band of the California Association of Realtors (CAR) known as…The Realtones! David Stark, a lobbyist plays the bass, Chris Scovill plays guitar and Larry Berman plays the drums! We are a formidable team. Every year we Realtors descend upon the Capitol and address our politicians and we talk about issues that affect private property rights, point of sale issues and general issues that come up in terms of real estate. We are also THE biggest lobby group in the State of California which is pretty astounding. I love coming to Sacramento and seeing just how important CAR is to the prosperity and health of Real Estate. I have a deep respect for this organization and am proud to call myself a REALTOR.
Some of the highlights were Governor Jerry Browns speech, meeting and hearing Assemblyman Tim Donnelly at Lucca’s restaurant in Sacramento as well as making my yearly trek to the Capitol Building, walking in the rose garden and smelling the roses, looking up and enjoying the architectural elements of the rotunda, as well as buying souvenirs for my kids.
It has been a great week here in Sacramento but alas we leave for home tomorrow! I can’t wait to be back home in Big Bear. Thanks for following me on Twitter and on my Facebook page as well as my blog at

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