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Hiking in Big Bear!

One of Big Bear’s favorite hiking trails is Cougar Crest Trail. Cougar Crest Trail is located on North Shore Drive just West of the Big Bear Discovery Center and is a 4 mile round trip hike for avid hikers! There is a parking lot at the Cougar Crest Trail head with restrooms and picnic tables. Make sure you bring your “Adventure Pass” to display in the window. The pass can be purchased at many local shops or just stop by The Discovery Center on your way and pick one up during business hours.
Before setting out on the Big Bear trails, remember to bring plenty of water, wear a hat to protect your head and face from the strong mountain sun rays; wear comfortable clothing layers and tennis shoes or light hiking boots. Never hike alone if possible and if you must, tell a friend where you will be. Locals and tourists alike love to hike the Cougar Crest Trail. The scenic vistas are gorgeous along the way and there are several benches to stop and enjoy the views! You can continue hiking approximately 1 mile past the Cougar Crest vista and end up on The Pacific Crest Trail to Bertha Peak if you really want a “butt” kicking hike. Most Big Bear locals enjoy the Cougar Crest Trail midweek because the crowds are smaller and the trails are quieter. Whether midweek or on the weekend, The Cougar Crest Trail is an excellent way to see The Big Bear Valley in all of it’s true glory.

Thanks again for joining me on my adventure as I uncover the secrets of Big Bear from a locals perspective!

Coming up in my next blog…Stand Up Paddleboarding on Big Bear Lake

I just bought a SUP aka (Stand Up Paddleboard) It’s sort of the new rage on the lake and boy is it a hoot! I’ll be joining the local girls at Captain Johns Marina! You won’t want to miss it!

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