July 4th in Big Bear, CA…”Locals-Style!”

bigbearrealestate (1)Wanna know what “my” perfect July 4th looks like?   It’s me getting up early before the rest of the house…(if I don’t have any Real Estate appointments of course), I sip on my cup (or 3) of JOE,  and I start planning out what’s going to fit in the cooler and the car.  I get busy making my curry rice salad (okay…so “Rice a Roni” made it famous and Melanie Leader-Mitchell gave me the recipe years ago, but trust me…it’s really good stuff!), I get all the sandwich fix-ins together, load up the cooler with lots of water and refreshing teen and adult drinks (don’t forget the adult drinks, but please, please drink responsibly, duh), By now…I’ve caused quite a stir in the household and pretty soon, the kiddos are up and about and willing to expedite the “show.”   It’s amazing how helpful kids get when FUN on Big Bear Lake is to be had!!

If you’ve NEVER experienced summer in Big Bear, you are in for a treat.  If you’ve never experienced INDEPENDENCE DAY in Big Bear, you are SERIOUSLY in for an unforgettable experience!

When I think of July 4th in Big Bear, my happiness meter starts fluttering and this catchy song pops into my head, because it truly is one of my favorite, most happiest days of the year!

Here are some useful tips I can share with you on how to do July 4th in Big Bear just like the locals do!

Tip Number 1:    Plant yourself relatively close to The Pine Knot Marina or anywhere in the general vicinity of The Village Area.  The fireworks are literally straight up above you and you will get the best show!   Meadow Park  is a great place to make camp as well.  There are some awesome grassy areas to spend the day napping or catching up with your favorite book while you await the grand fireworks show!

Tip Number 2:  Secure your Real Estate early like around 6 p.m. or earlier, (ie. your blanket, your EZ up if it’s mid-day and your “territory” because I can assure you…it’s going to get crowded at around 8 pm when everyone else who didn’t have the “bright” idea to get a spot to see the fireworks decides to drive down to the lake) because no one wants to be stuck in traffic and be the “bad guy”  and no offense but please don’t be the “Knucklehead” that brings their “posse” in at the last minute upsetting the rest of the good Karmic Juju.  I’m all about diplomacy when it comes to crowds.

Tip Number 3:   If possible, go grocery shopping on any day BUT July 4th.  The grocery stores (remember, we only have 2) are complete madness.  If you must go on the day of, get up at the crack of dawn and beat the rush!  OR go late the night before.   Don’t make me say, “I told you so!”  🙂

Tip Number 4:  If you don’t have a boat and want to rent one out, do it ahead of time.  I’m thinking May.  Yep, May or early June is a good time to reserve your boat for July 4th. There are several Marinas to choose from and most have excellent selections on boat rentals if you get there early.

Tip Number 5:  Bring LOTS of sunscreen and an umbrella to shield yourself from unexpected moments in the sun!  It gets super hot out there even on the lake and it’s no fun being grumpy and sunburned by the end of the day.

Tip Number 6:  Bring a jacket or warm clothing and I would even suggest having your Ugg boots handy when the sun goes down!   If you are lucky enough to get out on the lake, it will be nice and warm during the day but you will be bumming hard if you get stuck without a jacket.  There are pockets of cold air all along the lake and I learned the hard way one year.   I forgot my jacket and had a flimsy sweatshirt and all I could think about was getting home!   I think my lips turned blue!

Tip Number 7:   Tune your radio to 93.3 KBHR so you can hear the audio choreography of the fireworks to music!  (Yes, I’m a NERD because I dig patriotic music).

Tip Number 8:  Relax and enjoy the show, don’t stress out about the traffic, enjoy the people you are with and pack up and head out when the coast is clear.

 You’ve got this whole “Big Bear Locals thing on July 4th”…because you read this blog post!  🙂

~Kim Boda



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